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At ARNE AKSEL, we relish opportunities to work with designers, architects and businesses using our combined expertise to create purposeful, thought-out spaces. We can help businesses improve the work environment in office spaces, raise the atmosphere in restaurants and elevate the shopping experience in retail stores—just to name a few. 

We like being involved from the very beginning, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure a tailor-made solution that perfectly suits your specific project. The right choice of curtains and textiles are important, not only because of their functional use but also for their ability to tie décor and room together, ensuring a fuller, more complete experience of any space.


When designing office space, many different factors needs to be taken into consideration. Modern businesses require flexible work environments, a healthy indoor climate, and the right acoustics and lighting. But for us, it’s about more than just that.

Whether a large open office or a small meeting room, any workspace should be pleasant and easy on the eye, a place where attention to every detail ensures the perfect surroundings for being creative, innovative and effective.


Elevate the spatial experience of your hotel, lobby, café or restaurant setting by adding a refined touch to the décor through the right choice of textiles.

We believe in a bold and custom approach to every project, providing your space with its very own expression founded in your unique spatial needs and our extensive expertise.


Modern retail is as much about atmosphere and feeling as the product itself. We curate and design textile solutions for your retail space with careful attention to the small — but crucial — details that makes for a more fulfilling and complete shopping experience, leaving your customers with a feeling of entering something more than just a regular store.


We design site-specific textile solutions that fit the spatial surroundings of any creative project. Get us on-board from the very beginning, and we’ll work with you throughout the process to create a tailored look and atmosphere, whether you’re doing a gallery exhibition, a fashion show or something entirely different.

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