Modern retail is as much about atmosphere and feeling as the product itself. We curate and design textile solutions for your retail space with careful attention to the small—but crucial—details that makes for a more fulfilling and complete shopping experience, leaving your customers with a feeling of entering something more than just a regular store.

File under pop

File Under Pop is a Copenhagen-based brand that produces hand painted tiles, paint color and more.


With a curated approach to color composition and high attention-to-detail, the brand is an aesthetic frontrunner and chose ARNE AKSEL for the job of their showroom in the heart of Copenhagen.

After several meetings and tests, we collectively decided upon the Zulu 702 for a result that is, in our humblest opinion, nothing short of stunning.

In collaboration with Founder Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, we wanted to add a refined yet modern touch to echo the stunning paintings of the wall and ceiling. 

Additionally, Hoffmeyer wished for a translucent fabric that had a character lively enough to transform all light entering the showroom.

Royal copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen’s flagship store is located on Amagertorv in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark in a 3-story, old Renaissance building.

In relation to updating the first and second floor, which boasts shop and showroom, Royal Copenhagen wanted to drive more traffic to these floors through a huge staircase, located 20 meters from the entrance, that transcends each floor.

The material that was decided upon was the Casita by Kvadrat. For practical aspects, the fabric was not sewn together. Instead, we installed 14 curtains next to one another, prompting us to build a 15 meter tall scaffold to reach the heights.

The curtains were installed in just one day, allowing for the Royal Copenhagen flagship store to run its business hours as usual.

The task for ARNE AKSEL was to make the staircase stand out in a sensational way, climbing up the floors along with the customer. For this, we installed what we call “Cathedral of Fabric”. It was desired from the client side that the fabric be in the blue shade that is synonymous with Royal Copenhagen, prompting us to suggest three various options, all aesthetically pleasing in a traditional way, as with the designs of Royal Copenhagen.

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