When designing an office space, many different factors have to be taken into consideration. Modern businesses require flexible work environments, a healthy indoor climate, the right acoustics and lighting. But for us, it’s about more, than just that.

Whether a large open office or a small meeting room, any workspace should be pleasant and easy on the eye a place where attention to every detail ensures the perfect surroundings for being creative, innovative and effective.


For the new offices of Sikkerhedsstyrelsen (The Danish Safety Technology Authority), we worked with Copenhagen-based design studio and architecture studio Spacon & X on a complete redesign of the interior.

ARNE AKSEL assisted the architects in providing textile solutions, providing curtains in a range of fabrics for meeting and conference rooms, setting an atmosphere of privacy. We chose colours that underpinned the visual ambitions of Spacon & X, to create a spatial identity which communicates logically to the employees and uses recognisable elements from their own field.


Spacon & X created a distinct visual division of the offices, defining four departments in each corner of the building by individual colours — red, blue, yellow and green, inspired by safety terminology

Dorte Mandrup

When facing a spatial update of their meetings room, globally renowned architecture firm Dorte Mandrup Architects wanted to provide their employees, clients and partners with a space to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and collaboration.

Here, we collaborated with Dorte Mandrup on the curtains for the spaces, opting for the Rocket at the window parties, breaking up the rays of light through its mesh texture while providing an ambient atmosphere. By the glas partition walls, Wooly was implemented due to its inherently felty surface, sublimely improving the acoustics of the glass- and concrete-filled room

Located in an old warehouse with glass wall separations, the meeting rooms prompted a soft expression with acoustic improvements, while breaking up the rays of light streaming through the windows.

For the interiors, Dorte Mandrup drew inspiration from iconic designer Jean Prouvé, using both his furniture throughout the space, but also drawing references from Prouvé’s old drawings for the colour schemes of the space.


At Hejrevej in the North West Block of Copenhagen, an old industrial building has been renovated and transformed into an office space with a mezzanine. The challenge for us was to make the two storys come together as one, creating a coherent spatial experience.

To create a sense of privacy in the large open office, we opted for the clean perfect drape of our TIME textile, while the blue HEAVENS GATE curtains hanging along walls and windows ensure a classic look that imbues the sentiment of seriousness fitting for a workspace.


For this task, we chose heavy WOOLY curtains with advanced railing to create the feeling of a room-inside-a-room and improving acoustics, while complementing the rustic, industrial atmosphere of the building.

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