We design site-specific textile solutions that fit the spatial surroundings of any creative project. Get us on-board from the very beginning, and we’ll work with you throughout the process to create a tailored look and atmosphere, whether you’re doing a gallery exhibition, a fashion show or something entirely different.


Housed in a former shipyard in the Danish capital, Copenhagen Contemporary is one of Scandinavia’s largest exhibition spaces for contemporary art.

For Claudia Comte’s “I Have Grown Taller from Standing With Trees” exhibition in the spring of 2019, Copenhagen Contemporary collaborated with ARNE AKSEL for curtains of a total length of 500 meters; a white AIR curtain, floating effortlessly through the space, elevating the works of Comte while providing an ambient feel within the space.


Through the breezy AIR curtain, a holistic experience was achieved to echo the emotions of Comte’s pieces.


The exhibition takes place in Copenhagen Contemporary’s largest exhibit hall with high ceilings, surrounded by large window sections.

The imminent challenge for ARNE AKSEL was to create a way of distributing light evenly from the windows out into the open space, creating a pleasant and humbling atmosphere, in line with the works of Comte.

Mark tan ss19 show

For the SS19 Runway Show of Danish womenswear designer Mark Kenly Domino Tan, we created a centerpiece installation of a snake-shaped Air curtain that sliced through the top floor of Carlsberg Byen’s Maskinecentral.


The installation was commissioned by Femmes Regionales who oversaw all set design and creative direction for the Mark Kenly Domino Tan SS19 show.

Presented in a slight breeze on a hot summer’s day, the seemingly weightless fabric created an at once complementing contrast to its industrial surroundings.

Just as the collections of Mark Kenly Domino Tan, the Air curtain brought a silent and understated elegance to the room, echoing the ideas of calmness and a relentless perfection to detail.



Housed in the entrance of Danish Architecture Center at BLOX in Copenhagen, Denmark is Dreyers Architecture Gallery, putting emphasis on young architecture firms by giving them the opportunity to not only exhibit their current work but also to provide the audience with a glimpse into their perception of the future.


The seemingly invisible curtain rail hangs from eight wires that are attached to a single hook 12 meters above, allowing for the 3-6 meter high curtains to float effortlessly in the air.


ARNE AKSEL assisted architecture studio POINT in realising their virtual reality installation, titled “Poetic Pragmatic”. Here, the visitor was given the chance to experience some of 
POINT’s projects through a VR headset — what the visitor saw in the headset was then projected onto enormous drape shaped curtains, providing all other visitors with a 3-dimensional view on the projects at the same time. 



SMK is the national gallery of Danmark as well as the largest art institution in the country, home to an extensive collection of Danish as well as international art dating back up to seven centuries. 


For its exhibition with iconic modern sculptor Sonja Ferlov Mancoba, SMK reached out to ARNE AKSEL to reinvigorate the spatial surroundings of Ferlov Mancoba’s humble and sensual works through a holistic, tactile focus, allowing for the sculptor’s work to be presented in a context that shone focus on the works through complementing surroundings.

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