Elevate the spatial experience of your hotel, lobby, café or restaurant setting by adding a refined touch to the décor through the right choice of textiles. We believe in a bold and custom approach to every project, providing your space with its very own expression founded in your unique spatial needs and our extensive expertise.


Two of Copenhagen’s famous club owners Simon & Simon have cast their love on the historic city icon, Søpavillonen, a well-known castle-like building located in one of Copenhagen’s most charming landmarks. After a huge renovation, Simon & Simon have transformed the place into an exclusive nightclub and restaurant—or to put it in their own words: “Copenhagen’s new nocturnal epicenter for the audacious souls of all colors and crafts.”

“ARNE AKSEL has done a fabulous piece of work, and we cannot imagine anyone who would do it better when it comes to being creative with textile,” Simon & Simon has said.

During the architectural preparation Simon & Simon contacted ARNE AKSEL and gave a very interesting task. They wanted us to surround the nightclub with textile in order to create an exclusive and immersive environment for more intense party experiences.


In collaboration with the interior designers, we managed to create a harmonious fusion between architecture and textile; bringing each room its own colour and atmosphere. Inside the Babylon restaurant we used TIBER curtains in various colours to create a visual dining experience to match the high level of the food served.


Marienborg is a historic castle, located north of Copenhagen, serving as official residence of the Danish Prime Minister as well as a space for showcasing today’s talents within Danish design and art. Through large donations, Marienborg received a complete internal refurbishment in 2019 with the Danish Arts Foundation presenting the task to emerging designers and brothers Nikolaj Lorenz Mentze and Mathias Mentze, prompting them to involve other talents in creating site-specific solutions for the iconic home.

After extensive research, we created holistic connection between the architecture and interior design, echoing the emotions traced throughout Marienborg. By centring the curtains between the window and hanging them from the stucco, we created an ambient expression within the spaces of Marienborg, making the ceiling seem higher, choosing colours that reinforced a spatial atmosphere of inspiration, reflection and maybe even debate.


Here, the Mentze brothers brought ARNE AKSEL on-board for a textile solution that sought to balance the various functional requirements and the stumbling blocks of the historical premises with poetic and emotional reflections of its heritage and use.


Brønnum Cocktail Bar is housed in a historical listed building in Copenhagen that recently underwent full renovation.

Through deep attention to details, owner Rasmus Shepherd Lomborg sought to initiate the senses of his guests across tastes, smells, tactility and aesthetics. ARNE AKSEL was brought onboard for the project, guiding them through the various solutions available as well as suitable to their spatial needs.

For Brønnum Cocktail Bar, our Ritz curtains not only elevate the spatial expression of each room but alsoserve purposes of function—as room dividers, added privacy throughout the rooms as well as acoustic purposes.

With six rooms en suite along with a separate private dining space, color matching became a focal element. Here, all rooms facing the street headed in a bright direction through its curtains with the spatial design, and its textiles, becoming inherently darker as well as warmer when moving further towards the bar.

Cicchetti & Paradiso

For Nørrebro-based restaurant Cicchetti, ATM Design wanted to create a bold expression that referenced archetypical Italian eater- ies, paved laneways and vibrant table settings.

With a space in which its height exceeds its width,
we went in the direction of striped curtains that faced the street
to enhance the height of the ceiling. Furthermore, the curtains provide shade to avoid the space getting too hot on warm summer days.

With a predominantly bright color palette alongside neutral tones of blush and burgundy, darker colours were employed for the furniture to ground the interior.

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