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Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl’s Idyll

With the vision of recreating the house in line with the ideas, thoughts and wishes of Finn Juhl himself, Lyngby reached out to ARNE AKSEL to handle the curtains for the cottage.

Standing as one of the true greats in Danish design history, the works of architect and designer Finn Juhl can be traced throughout time up until today. After his death in 1989, Juhl left behind many valuable works with one of them being his cottage, today owned by art historian and Finn Juhl expert, Birgit Lyngby.

Though none of Juhl’s original drawings for the recreation of the house involved curtains, it has been evident throughout literature that Juhl gravitated heavily towards tactile expression and the way in which materiality can bring tranquility and sensuality into a space.

Walking through the cottage, one is immediately struck by the sheer perfection of its attention-to-detail, making for a humbling yet incredibly elegant space. To Juhl, even the smallest details could make the most impactful of statements. For the cottage, Lyngby and ARNE AKSEL worked with AIR material with its inherent elegance, seemingly weightless expression and agility to complementing the interiors of Juhl.

For the selection of colors, inspiration was found in the understatedly refined design details of Juhl that were scattered throughout the cottage.

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