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With an innovative outlook on materiality, ARNE AKSEL seeks to create atmospheres of instant appeal, spatial well-being and refined experimentation.


Being at once translucent, romantic and light as a windy breeze, the AIR from Kvadrat is what we like to call our guilty pleasure; something that we’re all suckers for — a seemingly weightless curtain, blowing effortlessly in the wind of an open window.



Through modern weaving techniques and innovations in materiality, it is today possible for a textile such as TIBER to exist, emulating the emotional sensibilities of sateen at an approachable price point. 

At ARNE AKSEL, we believe in TIBER because it joins together the elements of expressionism and refined sentiments to a higher power.


As denoted in its name, ZULU is a vibrant, luminous and metallic fabric – you know, the wild child of any large family: delicate without being fragile, maximal without being excessive and bold without becoming cocky.



Adding a touch of refined coolness to any sphere is ROCKET with its bold and expressive color palette, for those who dare and those who don’t. Constructed with a warp knit for a distinctly futuristic expression, ROCKET features a chainmail-like pattern of oval shapes. 

Though light at first glance, ROCKET carries a significant volume once draped while its perforated surface references high-tech fabrics, joined by a sci-fi emotion of space, lightness and speed.


TWO Tone

TWO TONE is an all around textile with a timeless yet distinct expression. Being the ARNE AKSEL alternative to linen, TWO TONE takes all that you like about linen without the bad parts. TWO TONE is made from viscose, giving it added weight and a structural appearance for a rather masculine look.


WOOLY is a natural fit for any acoustic improvement needs within offices, restaurants, education institutions and hospitality areas as well as those private spheres that require a touch of peaceful solitude.



Imagine something clean, untouched and honest: that’s TIME. Adding only the absolute necessary with its perfect drape, TIME adds emotions of ease to any interior while its broad color palette allows you to find the optimal match for your spatial requirements.

From afar, TIME appears as a self-colored material yet when viewed up-close, a two tone color character unfolds, due to the material being yarn-dyed with two different shades, one in the weft and one in the warp, integrated throughout the weaving process.


Heavens gate

A smooth and shiny velour, HEAVENS GATE reflects light once illuminated, dispersing an array of ambient rays through its various colors. Use HEAVENS GATE for hospitality and retail settings for an understated luxury or for residential projects, bringing a hospitality-like feeling to any space.



An exclusive velvet material; some might even go as far as calling it fabulous (we will!). With its closely woven short-pile velour, RITZ translates the welcoming and soft texture of cotton into a velvety textile. It’s intensely vibrant color palette is juxtaposed with the matte surface of velour for a powerfully expressionist addition to any space.

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