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Being a combination of a design object and an integrated functional home-solution, curtains can raise the mood of a space through their ambient and refined expression. We’ll tailor-make a textile solution for your home that adds an experimental yet refined touch to your private spaces, tying together the elements of the room and placing your unique taste front and centre.

Finn Juhl’s idyll

It has been evident throughout literature that Juhl gravitated heavily towards tactile expression and the way in which materiality can bring tranquility and sensuality into a space.

Dreams in Höganäs

An old port office in Höganäs, Sweden—a city known for its creative vibe—has been transformed into a spectacular home by Marie Olsson Nylander, an interior designer and collector of antiques.


When a family decided to completely overhaul their apartment in the Eastern quarters of Copenhagen, they opted for a full exploration of both colour and materials.

collection of fabrics

All ARNE AKSEL curtains are made of high-quality textiles that brings atmosphere to any space, differing to suit your personal taste.

price gallery

Taking a custom approach to interiors, ARNE AKSEL tailors each solution to the exact needs and surroundings of any given space.


AIR (col. 223)
One AIR curtain (L: 275 cm, W: 900 cm)

10.499,- DKK


AIR (col. 823)
One AIR curtain (L: 310 cm W: 600 cm)

&  TWO TONE (col. 055)
One TWO TONE curtain (L: 310 cm W: 560 cm)

19.699,- DKK

Dinning room

AIR (col. 643)
Three AIR curtains (L: 295 cm W: 600 cm) 

22.699,- DKK

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