Terms of Sales

TERMS & conditions

The following terms and conditions apply when you make a request/purchase through www.arneaksel.com

When you make a purchase through www.arneaksel.com you accept the terms and conditions listed below. Therefor we encourage you to read through these terms before making an order request on our website.

Order process

Once you have specified your choice of curtain, following the steps in our online step-by-step guide, and you have placed the order, you will receive an order confirmation. Your order is finalised, when you receive an order confirmation from us with an invoice of the total amount.

*Arne Aksel delivers prefabricated curtains according to measurements provided by the customer.
Finish of the curtain has been decided by the customer before the curtain is fabricated.

There is 2 options. Either “floating” (the curtain will be floating 1-4 cm. above the floor) or floored / “breaking the floor” (3-5 cm. of the the curtain will be lying on the floor)

We reserve the right not to accept your order in the event that the item you ordered are out of stock or does not satisfy our quality control standards and are withdrawn or related events, that makes us unable to deliver your items.

Payment process

When we have processed your order, you will receive an invoice on the total payment and as soon as your payment is visible in our system, we will prepare your customised order. Prices shown in our website are in DKK and are inclusive of VAT.

Delivery & Instalment

Within two weeks we deliver and install your curtain. We deliver and install throughout Denmark. The delivery and instalment cost are calculated on the website, when you go through the step-by- step guide. Please note, delivery and instalment will be handled by our own trusted employees, to secure the best customer service and most beautiful curtains in your house.

Please be aware that delivery & instalment cost depends on the delivery address.

For delivery and instalment outside of Denmark, please ask for a quote on hello@arneaksel.com

Returns and cancellations

All orders placed through www.arneaksel.com are individual, customized solutions – therefor we do not accept returns or cancellations.

When you have paid the invoice and we have processed your order, you can’t change or cancel your order. Our solutions are customized to fit your individual measurements, therefor we are not able to offer cancellations when the order has been processed.

Claims & Complaints

If you buy items that are faulted, for example a fabric or manufacturing defect – the rules of the Purchase Act apply.

This means, you can complain about manufacturing/fabric defects within 24 months from delivery and instalment.

You can complain about:

– Fabric defects
– Manufacturing defects
– Delivery and instalment faults (this shall happen within 30 days)
– Curtain measurements do not match your specific details stated in your order request

In any of these events, please direct your complaint to hello@arneaksel.com

We encourage you to provide detailed information about what the problem is, so we can easily find the fault and minimise the process time of your complaint. If we chose to accept it as our fault, we will do our best to solve it with in a short time. If we accept the complaint, we will take care of collecting the item(s) and make sure to obtain/fabricate new curtains that matches your order request.

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